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Course Details - UEE22011 Certificate II in Electrotechnology (TAFE SA Berri)

RSSA TitleCertificate II in Electrotechnology
QualificationUEE22011 Certificate II in Electrotechnology
Host OrganisationTAFE SA Berri
Course Length2 Semesters (1 year)
Other RequirementsTGSS Forms Completed
Delivery Location(s)TAFE SA Berri, 36 Kay Avenue, Berri, SA, 5343
Dates and Times38 weekly sessions at TAFE SA Berri on Thursdays from 09:00 until 15:30.
Commencement date 30/01/20.
Work Placement7 days
SACE DetailsSACE Stage 2, 40 SACE credits
Units Of Competency
CoreUEENEEE101AApply occupational Health and Safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace20 nominal hours
 UEENEEE104ASolve problems in dc circuits80 nominal hours
 UEENEEE141AUse of routine equipment/plan/technologies in an energy sector environment40 nominal hours
 UEENEEE148ACarry out routine work activities in an energy sector environment40 nominal hours
 UEENEEE179AIdentify and select components, accessories and materials for energy sector work activities20 nominal hours
 UEENEEK142AApply environmentally and sustainable procedures in the energy sector20 nominal hours
ElectiveUEENEEE130AProvide solutions and report on routine Electrotechnology Problems60 nominal hours
 UEENEEE102AFabricate, assemble and dismantle utilities industry components40 nominal hours
 UEENEEE105AFix and secure Electrotechnology equipment20 nominal hours
 UEENEED101AUse computer applications relevant to a workplace20 nominal hours
Nominal hours are used for SACE purposes and are not reflective of actual delivery hours
Student CostNone
Home School CostNone
Cost NotesTo be negotiated by student's school
Number Of StudentsMinimum    15
Maximum   20
Contact PersonMr Chris Marks
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